Short History

Company: “Pontem.X” SRL

Date of incorporation: December 11, 2018

Lithuanian company Pontem.X provides professional services in public nutrition.
This year, the company ”Pontem” won the largest project to provide nutrition services in 66 early, primary, secondary and lyceum schools in Straseni district, feeding daily about 6800 children.

Under the Order of the Ministry of Health no.638 of 12.08.2016 “On the implementation of the recommendations for a healthy diet and adequate physical activity in the educational institutions of the Republic of Moldova”, published in the Monitorul Oficial no. 293-305 of 09.09.2016, the company “Pontem.X” SRL complies with all the requirements, norms and standards mentioned in this order.


Pontem.X – one of the largest companies providing food services
Professionalism, Consumer Needs Analysis in Optimal Conditions, High Quality of Service – are the 3 basic principles!
Factors that have contributed to the development and progress of the company: knowledge, qualified specialists, the goal of contributing to a healthy lifestyle for the population.
The company’s activities take place in: Lithuania from 1992, Latvia from 2002, Ukraine from 2016 and Moldova from 2019.